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Release Year: 01/11/2018
Cast: Anna Coprofield
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing
Video language: English
The best quality video is divided into 2 parts. Full compressed version is also available (46:29min)
Did you leave your toy cars in my place?! So now they are mine!
I will drive cars on my body, use my pussy and ass as a garage, forcing cars to move with a stream of my urine and shit a huge pile right on these cars! I will immerse the cars in the shit, make them very dirty and do drift then will park my dirty cars in my hot garage again, smear shit on my pussy.
I’ll try to wash your cars with a rag that lay beside me and absorbed urine and shit. But … oops! I’ll make your cars dirty again.
But I’m a good girl, and I will definitely return your favorite toys to you…you just have to lick them until they get clean first!
File name: 1Part130ToyCars
File size: 1.42 GB, Duration: 00:22:00
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 192 kb/s


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