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Release Year: 01/11/2021
Cast: cleopatra
Genres: Scat Solo, Amateurs Scat, Fart Fantasy
Video language: English
Farting and Shitting In Leather Clothes
Description: I’m wearing my tight black leather leggings, black leather boots and leather jacket! Leggings hug my ass so tightly! I am going to fill it with my smelly farts and my nasty shit! I’m letting out some nasty stinky farts. They cling to my ass, unable to escape the tight material. I love feeling my farts bubble out of me! I can feel the warmth against my pussy as they try to get out of my tight leather pants! I love smelling my stinky farts! They are so smelly! Now it’s time to fill my legging up with my poop! The leggings are so tight that it is hard to push my poop out! I keep pushing and soon my shithole starts to open up! Oh! It feels amazing! I peel the leather legging off of me and show you my dirty asshole! Enjoy!
Smell Dirty Leather Shorts
Description: In my new vid you’ll see real natural leather shorts! And you’ll hear real loud stinky FARTS! I will put my ass out of your nose, get closer and celebrate every farts excreted from my anus! See that my farts are only real and original! See my face when I farts! My naked shitty ass and beautiful anus does the best for you
Mega Farts, Diarrhea & Enema in Black Leggings
Description: I’m farting my ass off building up to the huge loads im about to drop. I fart mega loads with all my black leather outfit & then pull the pants down take a huge scat. Before I shit on the floor, I tell the camera that i want to shit. Next watch me use enema & pull the leather pants up & release watery fart and scat again.
File name:
File size: 3.24 GB, Duration: 00:45:21
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 151 kb/s


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