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Release Year: 15/01/2021
Cast: Anny Bombom , Mel , Rafa Zaqui
Genres: farting girls, face farting, gassy girls
Video language: English
Feijoada is a typical brazilian food, made with black beans, sausage and much meat of pig and cow… is a very heavy food. Anne and Rafa Zaqui ate lots of feijoada and their intestine now are two bombs ready to explode of hot and stinky farts. The two girls decided to release all these powerful farts on Mel’s face. The bad gas are so strong that Mel cries, she really never feel something like that, the rotten farts are eroding her nose hairs. Anne bombom can’t hold and give more than farts, MAKING Mel to clean the dirty on the floor and keep to breathe the farts.
File name: MF-5913-1-1_8000
File size: 2.41 GB, Duration: 00:40:55
Video: 1920×1080, Audio: 128 kb/s


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